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UPDATED ON 12-29-98 I added some pictures on my lunch page "Hooters"

AS you come in you look around and see table lined up and peolpe playing pool. It is a nice place here and nice people to.. as you walk around you see me at times at a table playing or sitting at the bar talking to ohter great people as you so please dont be shy or rude come up and say HI to me and other friends! Some time you see me and my best freind paul. So if you feel like a game, feel free to join us in a game or grab a table ok .. I might see you and send a beer over to you or if you want some thing stronger let me know :) Hey feel free to go to other place here that are conected to my place . The is a coffee house too were you see me too and we have Hooters resturant too . The woman are nice and well treat you good just tell them we sent you. and i that pual place to is great pace to vist too .. So have fun all !!! And if you dont see me please sign my guest book so i can get in touch and if you have icq let me know so we can chat!!!

I the last couple of weeks I have added some more things to my page. I am going to put some more pic of me and my best freind playing pool, so of it might make you laugh speically the pic of me !!LOL I just hope they dont scare you off to fast before you check out all of my page!! If anyone come across some cool billards site or gifs or pic ..Please let me know where i can find them .

Please sign my book ok and i'll write you back or check out your pages as well !!

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My Friend Paul`s webpage
Paul and I`s favorite spot for lunch
Cinderella's page
My Picture Page
The Coffee House!!

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Well i want to update this soon i hope i am just want to gather some stuff for this page .ANd am looking for some programs to make this page look better and nicer. Plus i am doing a other page too .. I promise to add more links to to other sites and link to frind pages too i hope that you like them . I hope that efverybody that is come to this page and sign this page too ....

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