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Updated on 03-29-98 with a sound wave

This is my angel ( devil ) HAHA !!!! This is Okiegal ! She is a very speical woman .
Some of you might know her in her home town . I've known her now for a coulpe of month now and love talking to her .
We might do a page togather soon ! So look for it ... It would be cool page !She like to dance play pool but she says " I aint no good at it ".
If we ever meet i am going to help her out show her a few thing ..Keep your minds out of the gutter people !! LOL . she Like to watch movies and
also read if she as time in her busy schedule. We meet on ICQ. i have also met alot of others too on icq that are great to talk to when i am on line LOL which aint much ! Oh I forgot she love
wizards and dragons too! I got a feeling she into alot of other things too I just haven`t found out yet .. We only get time to talk on sundays and that is
my only day off .. Well me and okiegal are two crazy people, we laugh alot when we talk too .. some time I embarass her . Some say I am good at that ! HAHA
I was always told to be good at some thing but that aint what i am good at ...Well i want to add more pic to this page but it will take time but check back later !!

Here is a picture that Angel like !!

I'll be adding more picture to this page so please keep checking back ok .. and if you find something that you think i might like just send it to me ok . I might be adding some picture of us whenwe met soon i hope . But we have to see what is going to happen and if we both can get time off . but we already know we're off your rockers LOL!!!

When this lady talk she got me floating on air !! She as a voice of a angel,so soft and sweet !! We dont get to talk much on the phone but we do once in awhile .. I hope that she like this page when she sees it !!

This is me waiting for us to meet and i hope that it is soon.